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Happy Children

Younger Children

Working with younger children ( under 11) my approach is to work creatively together offering a non-directive style that allows them to develop an understanding of their thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. 

Using creative methods and reflective play, together we would explore the world the young person lives in, providing them with a safe and supportive environment to express themselves. We would explore current behaviours and look at alternative ways to express emotion and how to healthily communicate feelings.

I encourage parents to meet with me in the first instance to understand their concerns before, usually, working privately with the child. I offer regular reviews with parents to discuss ongoing concerns and to provide feedback on session work. Issues of confidentiality and safeguarding are discussed with parents and children prior to starting work together.

These sessions may be shorter than 50 minutes depending on the child's age.

Older children and young adults


We all experience feelings of anxiety when meeting new people or taking a test, but when these feelings remain all the time, it may be time to ask for help. Anxiety is not the only emotion you may be feeling as a young adult, overwhelming feelings of loneliness, sadness and low self-esteem or just not being heard are just some of the concerns many teenagers express. These feelings can lead to self-harm, anger or a disconnect from the world.


In addition, external factors such as bullying, bereavement, loss, exam stress, family breakdown or social issues can cause overwhelming feelings.


Therapy provides you with a place to talk without fear of judgment and in confidentiality and sometimes this can be all the help you require.

Working together exploring thoughts and anxieties, creatively or just by talking can develop preventative and coping skills for unwelcome anxiety and panic as well as a deeper understanding of self that allows ways to manage ongoing negative thoughts and actions.


Study Night
My Approach

"If children are preoccupied, if they are worried about their security, their safety and how they belong, they are not free to be curious about the wider world. Not being curious impacts negatively upon how they concentrate and learn.”― Philippa Perry, 

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